Based in Australia, We took a journey on a global quest to find the finest silks in the world. Through our explorations, we discovered skilled silkworm farms in Asia and connected with the locals, learning every aspect of sourcing the finest fabrics.

Our newest collection is designed in our specialised atelier in Milano, Italy, where our talented artisans bring their craftsmanship to life.

SS23 | VOL. 1


Our debut collection captures the essence of the Mediterranean, blending passion and romance. Inspired by earth-toned architectural marvels such as travertine and limestone, our pieces radiate timeless beauty. Intricate floral lace designs, influenced by botanical gardens, exude femininity. This collection pays tribute to a true love story.


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Sustainable Luxury for Women - Refined, Elegant, and Eco-friendly.

Sustainability is a core value that guides every aspect of our business. We use eco-friendly packaging materials such as recycled cotton bags, biodegradable poly mailer bags, and FSC-certified packaging to minimise waste and reduce our environmental impact. We also offer 100% carbon-neutral deliveries within Australia. We're committed to transparency and educating our customers about our sustainability efforts.

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Unveil the secret treasures of our Paradiso collection.

Elevate your wardrobe with our exquisite handcrafted designs that embody the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Our newest collection of timeless and romantic pieces features intricate stitching techniques and exceptional attention to detail, exuding an elegant and refined style. Discover the beauty and grace of our creations today by exploring our latest collection!


Embark on a romantic journey with our Antalya designs, drawing inspiration from the captivating beauty of Antalya, Turkey. This exquisite cashmere-coloured silk garment, adorned with Chantilly lace, presents an irresistible choice.